Protect your original creations

Our firm helps its clients to protect and value their copyrights in all the areas concerned, including the literary sector, music, film and fashion.


The protection of creations by copyright can be a source of difficulty as, unlike for trademarks or patents, no formality of filing is required. It is classically said that copyright exists simply because of its creation, which can lead to practical difficulties.

Our firm has developed strong skills in this area as a result of its experiences, and can help you determining whether your creation meets the requirements for a protection by copyright. Our team also assists you in the formalities required to benefit from an effective protection, as well as in drafting and negotiating contracts relating to your copyright.

Finally, our firm can assist you in pre-litigation and copyright litigation actions, advising you regarding the actions to be taken and representing you before the courts.

How we can help you

Copyright protection

Our firm assists you in drafting and negotiating agreements involving copyrights in various sectors, including music, publishing, photography, fashion, video games, NFTs, art and software.

  • Study of creation’s compliance with copyright protection requirements
  • Search for previous rights
  • Evidence of authorship and date of creation
  • Deposit of creation (blockchain, Soleau envelope, bailiff, notary)

Copyright and contracts

Our firm assists you in drafting and negotiating agreements involving copyrights in various sectors, including music, publishing, photography, fashion, video games, NFTs, art and software. 

  • Publishing contracts
  • Commission contracts
  • Artist contracts
  • Assignment and licensing contracts

Copyright litigation

In case of copyright litigation, our office intervenes at the pre-litigation stage and can represent you before the relevant courts.

  • Sending a cease and desist letter
  • Seizures
  • Infringement actions


Infringement action
Textile industry

Defending an Italian company specialized in the textile sector in an infringement action regarding a copyright on lace.

Infringement action
Luxury – shoes

The firm has defended a luxury shoe designer against a chain of shoe stores that copied several models of this designer.

Infringement action
Textile industry

Defending the creations (copyright designs) of a famous Spanish ready-to-wear brand.

Publishing contracts
Literary domain

We assisted an author of illustrated children’s books as part of the negotiation of the publishing contract.

Assignment of copyright rights

We assisted a French company specialized in the sector of software for the assignement of copyrights on its softwares and for the establishment of a partnership.

Video Game development, publishing and distribution agreements 
Video games

Assisting video game publishers in the drafting and negotiating co-development and publishing agreements.

Assisting Play2Earn game studios in ensuring compliance of their project with gambling and betting regulations.

Assisting indie video game studios in the pre-production, production, editing and distribution of video games. 

Assisting indie video game studio in the course of the adaptation of a video game into a TV series.


Assisting a minting and distribution NFTs platform in the drafting of the terms and conditions of the platform and of the NFTs, including a certificate relating to the intellectual property rights assigned/licensed by the NFT issuer to its buyers and sub-buyers.

Assisting a NFT platform for the use of sportsmen’s image in connection with the minting and distribution of NFTs. 

Assisting digital artists in the exploitation of their digital works (NFTs).