Private data

Personal data: protection of your data and compliance with the GDPR

Our team assists you in all your efforts to comply with the GDPR and protect your personal data.


The new General Data Protection Regulation (so-called “GDPR”) came into force on 25 May 2018, and sets out many binding rules on personal data.

Our firm helps you protecting and securing your data within your company in particular, and helps you complying with the applicable legal provisions.

How we can help you

GDPR Compliance

Our firm has a specific expertise in personal data, and helps its clients in the compliance of their company or website with the new regulations regarding personal data.

  • Analysis of the measures already set up
  • Developing an action plan
  • Conducting impact assessments
  • Advice on the measures to be implemented
  • Drafting contracts for the protection of personal data

Drafting Policies And Mentions Of Information

  • Drafting privacy policies
  • Drafting cookie policies
  • Writing mentions of information about the management of personal data


GDPR compliance

Advising a U.S. company specialized in the field of virtual reality technology on its compliance with the GDPR.

Drafting contractual clauses on personal data

Our firm has assisted a French company specialized in the communication sector as part of its GDPR compliance and drafted appropriate clauses in the management of personal data.