Choose, protect and defend your trademark

The team intervenes at all stages of your trademark’s life, both in terms of advice and litigation.


The trademark is now one of the key assets of a company.

It is your trademark that will allow you to make your products or services known, and above all to distinguish your company from your competitors. The trademark represents the image and identity of your company, and guarantees a certain quality and associated know-how.

The trademark can protect the name of your products and/or services, the logo associated with your company, the name of your website or your name.

To apply for such protection, however, the sign must meet a number of conditions determined by the Intellectual Property Code. Failing to comply with these different conditions, your trademark could be refused registration or even challenged by a third party in the context of an administrative or judicial action.

A key asset that can be threatened

In a highly competitive environment, your trademark may be threatened by third parties who would try to appropriate rights to it or seek to deprive it of any effect.

The development of new technologies has also increased the infringements that can be brought to your brands: selling counterfeit products on the Internet, using the brand within domain names or using the brand in keywords.

How we can help you

Filing your trademark

We assist you in filing your trademark by defining with you the most appropriate strategy to optimize its future protection and by carrying out all the necessary formalities to ensure the effectiveness of your sign.

  • Choice of the sign (verbal, figurative, semi-figurative, etc.)
  • Search for priorities in France and abroad
  • Determining the geographical extent of the trademark application (national trademark, European Union trademark or international trademark)
  • Writing the wording of your trademark’s products and/or services
  • Filing your trademark online

Manage your trademark

We also support you in managing your trademark portfolio :

  • Answering to official offices’ notifications
  • Renewing your trademarks
  • Monitoring third-party trademarks
  • Management of Opposition Procedures

Defending your trademark

We also intervene to defend your interests in the event of an infringement of your trademark rights.

  • Opposition to trademark registration before the offices
  • Sending cease and desist letters
  • Seizure proceedings
  • Infringement actions
  • Invalidity actions, trademark ownership claims, trademark revocation actions
  • Complaints, constitution of civil party
  • Unfair and parasitic competition actions

Trademarks and contracts

Because your trademark has a high economic value, we negotiate and write contracts to enhance and secure it.

  • Trademark licensing contracts
  • Trademark assignment agreements
  • Trademark co-existence agreements
  • Collateral agreements


Fashion industry

The firm advises and defends a major American group in the fashion industry as part of the fight against counterfeiting of its trademarks in France.


The firm has assisted an Italian pharmaceutical company in the scope of a litigation on the use of trademarks and denominations in France.

Reputed trademarks infringement
Automotive industry

We have represented one of the main players in the French automotive sector in a legal action against a competitor in the context of the imitation of a reputed trademark.

Trademark revocation action
Fashion industry

Our firm has brought an action on behalf of a large French house in the field of luxury underwear to obtain the revocation of a French trademark for non-use.

Trademark infringement
Wines and spirits

We represent a trademark owner in the wine and spirits sector in an infringement action (number C-622/18) before the Luxembourg Court of Justice.

Anti-counterfeiting strategy advice

Advising a famous French luxury house on planning its anti-counterfeiting strategy.