Protecting your invention

Our firm devotes a significant part of its activity to patents, and intervenes in various fields such as mechanics, electronics or chemistry.


Innovation is now one of the pillars of the company’s growth. During the year 2021, nearly 10,500 patent applications were filed in France with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), which ranks second in the European Union in the number of patent applications.

Our firm can assist you in any patent application, helping you to define the most appropriate protection strategy to your innovation, at the stage of filing your patent by carrying out the necessary formalities with the designated offices, and can also assist you in negotiating contracts relating to your patent, such as patent assignment contracts, or contracts for employee inventions.

Our law firm also intervenes in patent litigation, and can represent you at all stages of the proceedings, both in demand and in defense.

How we can help you

Invention protection strategy

Before any patent filing, our office assists its clients to determine the most appropriate strategy to protect their innovation.

  • Determining the legal tool best suited to your innovation (patent, know-how)
  • Conducting audits (due diligence)

Patent contracts

Our law office assists you in drafting and negotiating patent contracts:

  • Research and development agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Patent transfer or licensing contracts
  • Patent co-ownership contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements

Employee inventions

Our office regularly intervenes on issues relating to employee inventions, whether it is remuneration advice or litigation concerning the awarding of an invention.

  • Advice on acquiring employee inventions
  • Negotiating and creating a system for paying employee inventions
  • Writing clauses or contracts for employee inventions
  • Assistance before the National Council of Employee Inventions (CNIS)

Patent litigation

Our firm has also developed expertise in patent litigation, and can assist and represent you in the following actions:

  • Patent infringement actions
  • Actions for declaration of non-counterfeiting of patents
  • Patent nullity actions
  • Actions to claim patents of invention
  • Tracking foreclosure-counterfeiting procedures


Infringement action

Defending an Italian company in the manufacture of extruded plastic sheaths in a patent infringement action.

Infringement and unfair competition

Defending a French company in an action for patent infringement and unfair competition involving dry toilet systems.

Research and development agreements, licensing agreements and patent co-ownership
Cosmetics industry

Assisting a company specialized in the fields of beauty products and medical devices in the drafting and negotiation of research and development agreements, patent licenses and patent co-ownership.

Infringement action
Industrial sector – glasses

Defending a U.S. company in a patent infringement action relating to a patented clip glasses system.

Consortium agreement

Assistance to an Italian industrial group in drafting a consortium agreement in a collaborative research and development project.

Compensation policy for employee inventions
Pharmaceutical industry

Advice to a pharmaceutical company regarding its remuneration policy for employee inventions and the drafting of an enterprise agreement on remuneration policy.