Blockchain Anchor

A new mode of secure and easy proof

Kern and Weyl offers its clients blockchain services to enable them to easily and quickly obtain and retain dated proof of all their creations.


Kern & Weyl offers its clients services based in particular on bitcoin blockchain technology in order to allow, on the one hand, the filing, time-stamping and secure storage of any type of file and the obtaining of a certificate associated with the filing and, on the other hand, the assurance of being able to have a bailiff’s report drawn up attesting to the filing made. 

Blockchain technology allows files to be dated and secured because, once deposited, they are not editable and ineffable. In addition to being confidential, secure and unfalsifiable, the evidence obtained also has the advantage of being verifiable at any time and anywhere in the world by entering the references assigned to the file at the time of filing. Finally, you can document your entire creative and/or research process, deposit all your collections, establish your copyright!

The Blockchain, how does it work in practice?

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