Art and Literature

Plastic, literary, photographic artworks

We work with all actors in the world of art and literature, assisting them in the negotiation of contracts (literary publishing contracts, copyright assignment agreements) and defending them in the context of infringement actions.


Assistance of the author of children’s books in the negotiation of a publishing contract.

Advice to an association for the publication of a book containing several testimonies and photographs.

Drafting of contracts for the assignment of copyright rights on photographs.


Architecture, products, works of applied art

Our firm supports design companies and independent designers operating in various sectors of activity (hotel, furniture, etc.) to help them protecting their creations and assist them in the event of infringement actions.


Assistance to a French hotel group in the context of a pre-litigation action relating to the services of reputed Italian designers (architecture and furniture design).

Assistance to an Italian company in the field of designer furniture in the context of a customs seizure.


Online commerce, counterfeiting on the internet

Our firm assists its clients in the protection and operation of their e-commerce sites, in order to secure their business by negotiating the appropriate contracts and ensuring compliance of their business with applicable standards.


Assistance to a French company specialized in the design of e-commerce sites in the negotiation of services for the creation of e-commerce sites.


Our firm advises and litigates with automobile manufacturers and groups in relation to all their intellectual property rights.


Representation of one of the main players in the French automotive industry in a legal action against a competitor in the context of the imitation of a reputed trademark.

Representation of a major Chinese company in the field of the automotive tyre industry in a trademark revocation action for non-use.

Legal compliance of the new e-commerce website of a major car manufacturer.

Assistance to major car manufacturers in their logo change strategy, risk analysis.

Video games

Our team has developed a specific expertise in the video game industry and assists video game studios and publishers in the protection and contractualisation of their rights.


Assistance to video game studios in the pre-production, production, publishing and distribution of video games.

Assistance to an independent video game studio in the adaptation of a video game into an audiovisual work.

Assisting video game publishers in the drafting and negotiating co-development and publishing agreements.

Assisting Play2Earn game studios in ensuring compliance of their project with gambling and betting regulations. 

Media and Communication

Audiovisual, press, music, advertising, social networks, e-reputation

Our firm assists individuals and media, press and audiovisual companies in various issues such as the negotiation of production contracts, the validation of digital content and the protection of e-reputation.


Advising a group in the automotive sector on the validation of digital advertising campaigns.

Advising a performer in the context of negotiating an artist’s contract with a producer.

Assistance to an Italian transport group regarding the publication of content damaging its brand image in the press.

Fashion and Luxury

Ready-to-wear, leather goods, watchmaking

Our firm has developed a significant part of its activity in the fashion and luxury sector, and represents major companies in the sector in the context of infringement actions of their trademarks, designs or copyrights.


Advising a major French luxury company on the planning of its anti-counterfeiting strategy.

Defense of the creations (copyright, designs and models) of a famous Spanish ready-to-wear brand.

Bringing an action on behalf of a major French company in the field of luxury underwear to obtain revocation for non-use of a French trademark.

Defense of an Italian company in the textile industry in an action for copyright infringement of a lace.

Health and Pharmacy

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology

Our firm regularly assists pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics and health-care manufacturers, in the context in particular of the negotiation of research and development agreements and in the protection of their rights.


Assisting an R&D company in the fields of beauty products and medical devices in the drafting and negotiation of R&D contrats, NDA, patent licenses and co-ownership agreements.

Assisting an Italian pharmaceutical company in the context of a pre-litigation action relating to the use of trademarks and company names in France.

New Technologies

Software, Blockchain, Data, Virtual Reality, IA, NFTs, Metaverse

We advise our clients in various areas of IT and new technologies, and help them in all their contractual and regulatory issues related to the implementation and use of these technologies.


Assisting a French company in the field of information technology for the transfer of copyrights on software and the establishment of a partnership.

Helping an American company specialized in the virtual reality technology sector in connection with its compliance with the GDPR.

Drafting privacy policies.

Assisting a GAFAM in the transposition of the Directive 2019/770 on certain aspects of contracts for the supply of digital content and services (legal guarantee of conformity) in France.

Assisting a minting and distribution NFTs platform in the drafting of the terms and conditions of the platform and of the NFTs, including a certificate relating to the intellectual property rights assigned/licensed by the NFT issuer to its buyers and sub-buyers.

Assisting a NFT platform for the use of sportsmen’s image in connection with the minting and distribution of NFTs.

Assisting digital artists in the exploitation of their digital works (NFTs).


We assist and represent actors in the agri-food sector in all their needs in the field of intellectual property law and distribution law. We are present in particular in contractual matters, in advice and in litigation. 


We represent a trademark owner in the wine and spirits sector in an infringement action (Case C-622/18 before the Court of Justice of Luxembourg).